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Connie's Obituary

If you've come here looking for the real story on how they got the horse to talk or the "Pretty Little Filly" sound byte, you're in the right place. I've also added the Famous Mister Ed's follow up hit The Empty Feed Bag Blues. If you're looking for a more comprehensive site, that would be Mister Ed Online and if you're looking for more information on the lovely and talented Alan Young, he's got his very own website at http://www.mister-ed.tv.

Alan Young has written a new book called There's No Business Like Show Business... Was. You can get the book from Amazon or at Mr. Young's website where you can also get it autographed. He's also updated his delightful autobiography Mister Ed and Me. The new version, Mister Ed and Me and More! will be available in July and once again if you order it through his website and give him a little extra cash he'll autograph it.

No Business
and me 2

Holiday Cover

It's a little late for the holidays, but there's always next year. These two episodes, "Ed the Pilgrim" and "Ed's Christmas Story," were recorded off of broadacst TV. Chances are cuts were made before they aired. This DVD isn't professional, but it looks pretty good. Commercial Free. Black and White. Click on the "buy now" button below if you'd like to pay using a credit card and Paypal. Email me if you want to use a check or money order to get your own copy of Mister Ed's Holiday Favorites. $12.00 including postage.

I also have the original Mr. Ed pilot epsiode, Wilbur Pope and Mister Ed. I'm not going to lie to you: it's terrible, charmless and bizarre... and not in a good way. Nevertheless, it's a piece of Mister Ed history and it's yours for $12.00, fuzzy picture and all. It does includes some awesome vintage Studebaker commercials.

Wilbur Pope Cover

Mister Ed Unplugged

This CD includes new recordings of the Mr Ed Theme Song, The Pretty Little Filly, and Empty Feedbag Blues, from the episodes, Ed the Songwriter, and Mister Ed's Blues, respectively. The two songs, featured along with the theme song, are longer versions, and are the only recordings that exist of the original compositions. All three songs are true to the original versions, both vocally and instrumentally. You can listen to samples and download the order form on the Orchestrion Records website.

Just My Show, a pop culture podcast, recently did an interview with Alan Young.

Just My Show

TVLand is currently not showing Mister Ed. Apparently they don't love our little horsey any more. Email them at postmaster@tvland.com, if you'd like to tell them how bitter you are about it.

In the category of favorite Pet/Human Relationship Alan Young and Mr. Ed won for Mister Ed at the 2005 TV Land awards held on March 13, 2005.

"Mister Ed and I were delighted to be honored by the TV Land Awards Show this year," Alan said on his website. "We were voted the best show in our category, and were given the TV Land statuette. It will be placed in Ed's barn, of course, alongside his four Patsy awards. But I'm sure I'll get to to look at them now and again!"

Alan Young was interviewed in 2004 for the show biz industry web site Film Stew.com. He talks about Mister Ed and his new, still-not-widely-released film Moondance (fomerly known as Em and Me.)

Released January 13, 2004

Mister Ed - Volume I

Disc One:
Episode 1: "Ed, The First Meeting"
Episode 15: "Ed, the Songwriter"
Episode 17: "Psychoanalyst Show"
Episode 24: "Wilbur Sells Ed"
Episode 28: "The Horsetronaut"
Episode 31: "Ed's Ancestors"
Episode 35: "Mister Ed's Blues"
Episode 38: "Zsa Zsa"
Episode 39: "Ed, the Beneficiary"
Episode 40: "Ed's Bed"
Episode 43: "Horse Wash"
Episode 45: "Ed, the Beachcomber"
Episode 46: "George Burns Meets Mister Ed"

Disc Two:
Episode 51: "Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed"
Episode 61: "Horse Sense"
Episode 63: "Wilbur, the Masher"
Episode 75: "Ed, the Emancipator"
Episode 76: "The Price of Apples"
Episode 77: "Doctor Ed"
Episode 78: "Ed, the Zebra"
Episode 79: "Wilbur Post, Honorary Horse"

Released March 8, 2005

Mister Ed - Volume II

Disc One:
Episode 91: "Ed Gets The Mumps"
Episode 97: "Ed Visits A Gypsy"
Episode 100: "Ed, the Chauffeur"
Episode 96: "Ed, the Donkey"
Episode 102: "Mae West Meets Mister Ed"
Episode 107: "Mister Ed Writes Dear Abby"
Episode 115: "Like Father, Like Horse"
Episode 113: "Ed, the Race Horse"
Episode 110: "Ed, the Pilot"
Episode 116: "Ed, the Stowaway"
Episode 111: Animal Jury
Episode 114: "Ed's Juice Stand"

Disc Two:
Episode 121: "Ed's Contact Lenses"
Episode 124: "The Bank Robbery"
Episode 125: "My Horse, the Mailman"
Episode 127: "Robin Hood Ed"
Episode 128: "Ed, the Artist"
Episode 132 "Ed a Go-Go"
Episode 133: "Coldfinger"
Episode 134: "Ed Breaks the Hip Code"

I'd recommend placing your order for these DVD with Amazon.com. They've got a good price and you get free shipping. Although I'd prefer that they release Mister Ed season by season, of course (of course), these really are great compilations. FYI: Disk one in the set is two sided. You've got to turn it over to see them all.

Here's the link to MGM Home Entertainment if you'd like to give them any feedback on the DVD or suggest they release every episode.

20th Century Fox put together a remake of Mister Ed. They got their Wilbur (David Alan Basche) and their Carol (Sherilyn Fenn) and the New Voice of Ed, Sherman Hemsley. No word on who was going to play the actual horse. The pilot was never picked-up by any network and at this point it looks to be dead in the water. Oh, well... it's probably for the best.

[animated Ed]
Mr. Ed... or Mr. Jefferson?


Mister Ed Theme Song

Hello, I'm Mister Ed

A horse is a horse of course of course
And no one can talk to a horse of course
that is of course unless the horse
is the famous Mister Ed

Go right to the source and ask the horse
he'll give you the answer that you endorse
He's always on a steady course
talk to Mister Ed

People yakkety yak a streak
and waste your time of day
but Mister Ed will never speak
unless he has something to say

A horse is a horse of course of course
and this one will talk till his voice is hoarse
You never heard of a talking horse?
Well, listen to this — I am Mister Ed!

Words and Music by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston

Vocals by Jay Livingston

[Evans and Livingston]
Evans and Livingston


Despite the fact that he never received a screen credit during the run of Mister Ed (or in reruns, for that matter), Allan "Rocky" Lane (1909-1973) is probably now best known for providing the gruff and loveable voice of television's only talking horse. He was also the star of the short lived TV show Red Ryder (1956) and a few dozen western films, in which he invariably played the rugged, two-fisted, law abiding hero.

[Rocky Lane] Allan "Rocky" Lane

If you haven't got this book yet, Why not? Click above to order it from Alan Young's official website. He'll even autograph it!

Allan "Rocky" Lane (yes, I just like to use his whole name) was at first none too happy about stooping (cinematically speaking) to do voice over for a horse, hence his lack of an official credit. His surly attitude was unappreciated, but not unnoticed, by the Mister Ed producers. Apparently after three years, as recounted in Alan Young's charming and informative Mister Ed and Me, they'd had enough.

"I guess Rocky had stepped on about as many toes as the weather would bear," Young remembers. "I was called into the studio and was told that unless I had strong objections the producers were going to replace Rocky as the voice of Mr. Ed. I could not object with any conviction as, while he had not been deliberartely mean, Rocky had irritated everyone certainly and consistently, including me.

"For two or three days I read with every top voice in the business. We made recordings and the producers and I sat listening for hours. They were all great and read dramatically and convincingly, but no one sounded like Ed."We finally all had to admit that Rocky was Ed, and Ed was Rocky. Separating them would be a tragic, perhaps fatal mistake."

Allan "Rocky" Lane did eventually ask to be credited, but by then it was already well established that Mr. Ed was played by "himself" and the producers were unwilling to disillusion the fans who thought the horse really talked (mostly children, one hopes.) Rocky settled for a raise.

Keep an eye out for Allan "Rocky" Lane if you get the Encore Western Channel. Although he's not currently their star of month, some of his films will undoubtedly turn up again.


Mister Ed was a two hit wonder with the cheerful little ditty "Pretty Little Filly" and the heartfelt number "The Empty Feedbag Blues." Since Allan "Rocky" Lane was one of the few cowboy stars who couldn't warble a tune, Ed's impressive singing voice was instead provided by Sheldon Allman.
[Sheldon Allman]
Sheldon Allman
Mr. Allman was a graduate of the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and distinguished composer of the immortal theme to"George of the Jungle". Mr. Allman, who also wrote both of Ed's songs, was a prolific character actor as well as a singer/songwriter.

Click here to listen to"Pretty Little Filly."

(Thanks for the donation, Abbedd!)

And here are the lyrics in case you want to sing along... and you know you do.

Got a date a little later
when the moon is on the trail
with the cutest triple gaiter
my pretty little filly with the pony tail

Got a bag of oats to call with
Hay I'll bring her by the bale
want to share a double stall with
the pretty little filly with the pony tail

Gee, if she would just agree
she'd be mine today
but no matter when I ask
the answer's always "neigh neigh neigh neigh"

If she'd name that day of wedlock
I would be there without fail
Got the ring made for her fetlock
the pretty little filly with the pony tail!


Click here to get the "The Empty Feed Bag Blues"
Music, lyrics and vocals by Sheldon Allman

When I get up for breakfast
There's no oats in the the bin
Cause every thing is going out
and nothin's comin' in

Believe me when I tell you
I have heard the news
I got those empty feed bag
empty feed bag blues

My pretty filly told me
to stay away tonight
cause all that I bring with me
is a healthy appetite

Why am I so unlucky
me with four horse shoes
I got those empty feed bag
empty feed bag blues

Sings CD cover
I realize it's not possible, or just a pain in the neck, for some netizens to download these songs. So I went ahead and put them in CD format for those unfortunate souls. If you'd like to use a credit card (via paypal) and order one, click on the "buy now" button below. It's $10.00 including postage. If you want to use a check or money order email me for details.



How Did They Get Ed to Move His Lips?

[Ed Talks]

No, not wires. Not phonics. Not electric shocks. And no, it wasn't peanut butter either. "I created the lie that we used peanut butter," Young said in a 1998 interview, "but we used a soft piece of nylon under his lip, which he tried to work out."

"By our second season, Ed was so adept at his lip movements that as soon as he heard me stop talking, he would start jawing," says Young in his autobiography.

"One day while Lester [Ed's trainer, Lester Hilton] and I were riding and talking together, Lester suddenly broke out laughing. 'Look at Ed,' he pointed. 'His lips are moving.' Evidently Ed was so used to responding to my voice that he was joining in our conversation!"

Was Mister Ed Really a Zebra?

[Ed on parade][zebra]

Snopes.com, a site devoted to Urban Legends, facetiously recounts the utterly ludicrous conspiracy theory that suggests Mister Ed was played by a zebra.

Now, I'm not saying you'd have to be a complete idiot to believe that a gorgeous Palimino like Ed was really a zebra, but... Oh, wait... yes, I am.

Mister Ed was, of course (of course), a horse originally named Bamboo Harvester, foaled in 1949 in El Monte, California. His sire was The Harvester, a Saddlebred owned by Edna and Jim Fagan. His dam was Zetna, who was sired by Antez, an Arabian imported from Poland.
[per the Palomino Horse Association].


[stable for three]
This is me, Wilbur and Carol the day we met. I was happy. Wilbur was happy. Carol wasn't so sure.

[the lark]
Here we all are the day Wilbur bought Carol a car. That was before I learned how to drive.

[surfer horse]
That's me hanging four, hoofs that is, on our trip to Hawaii.

[tax time]
Here it is, tax time again! Wilbur always needs a little help.

[Sandy Koufax]
Sandy Koufax signs a ball for me after I hit a home run off of him.

It took a while, but Carol did warm up to me. I think Wilbur was a little jealous.

[Dear Abby]
Wilbur and I meet Dear Abby. Quite a lady!

[palomino colt]
Here I am as a little colt. They knew I'd be breaking the Fillies' hearts in no time.

[palomono mare]
My Mother

[palomino rear 1]
Dear old Dad never did take a good picture.

[palomino rear 2]
See what I mean.

[little filly cover]
This is my first single. I knew it would be a big hit, but Wilbur was a little surprised.

And here's the one it was all about, Katie, a pretty little Irish filly. She was the one that got away.


Copyright in this image is owned by the original artist. Rights to reproduce or use the image may be obtained from www.CartoonStock.com .


A Mister Ed  Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways To Tell If You're a Mister Ed  Fan

10) You can say "Wilbur" with just the right inflection
9) You know which Mister Ed  scenes were used in more than one episode
8) Actually somewhat surprised to hear the word "sucks" in a sitcom
7) You know all the words to "Pretty Little Filly"
6) Heated debates over which were the best neighbors: The Addisons or the Kirkwoods
(Naturally it was Kay and Roger. Wait... no, no. It was Winnie and Gordon.)
5) Feel compelled to say 'of course' twice (of course)
4) You know the answer to the question, "What can Carol do that Ed can't?"
....Sew, of course (of course)
3) Was a time in your life when you couldn't decide between being an architect or being a horse
2) You know the Post's address and phone number
And the number one way to tell if you're a Mister Ed fan
1) You're not surprised when your horse talks to you

"You know I only talk to you, Wilbur." -- Mister Ed

— Mister Ed Fans Holler, but they don't hit —






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